Oatmeal porridge, chia porridge, risotto, barley risotto, warm dishes and sweet stewed fruit. Even though Aarhus Central Food Market offers endless variety, you actually only need one single food stall to keep you satisfied throughout the entire day.

Ske & Skål serves delicious breakfast bowls with toppings, creamy barley risottos with seasonal vegetables, warm dishes such as ‘brændende kærlighed’ (mash with bacon and onions) and sweet desserts based on stewed fruit.

Visit Ske & Skål and prepared to be stunned at just how many wonderful taste sensations a single bowl can hold.

Order as take-away
When you’re on the go – ask the smiling cook at Ske & Skål to serve your breakfast, lunch or evening meal in a practical take-away cup. Order via Waiteer.