freshly prepared dishes &
gastronomic experiences

We have brought it all together at Aarhus Central Food Market

Embark on a culinary journey to taste magnificent dishes made with fresh produce from
the market served in an intimate and multi-faceted setting.

Here you can explore high quality ingredients and the current gastronomic trends in the
company of some of the most talented chefs and food enthusiasts in Denmark.

We invite you to indulge in the most delightful delicacies in Denmark, presented by
food lovers who always present their food with a passionate twinkle in their eyes.

See the market stalls



”I tested three pieces of smørrebrød and the corners of my mouth turned up more and more for each bite I took.”

Food journalist at GASTRO Magazine



Events and gastro experiences

Learn about gastronomy at Aarhus Central Food Market

Great experiences await you at Aarhus Central Food Market. Bring along your friends and family
and watch Danish celebrity chefs cook with this season’s best produce, meet fellow food enthusiasts
and listen to live music while you enjoy your dinner. Events take place at Aarhus Central Food Market every week,
and here you see examples of previous events. We look forward to seeing you!


Market stalls

Where do you go to find freshly squeezed juice, gourmet hotdogs or delicious dishes from all corners of the world?
The answer is Aarhus Central Food Market, where you will find everything under one roof!
Come and enjoy a wonderful experience, where good food, delicious delicacies,
and inspiring events will enrich your life.

Tapas Baren
Fruity Foodie
Green Neighbour
Hungry Dane
Khop Khun
New Food Concept Coming Up!
Saakin Sambuusa
Ohh my Waffle
Ramen Takumi
Pita By Shakshuka
Ske & Skål
Slow’n Low cooking

Are you a gastronomic food lover?

Send us an application if you would like to rent a stall at Aarhus Central Food Market.

At Aarhus Central Food Market we are always looking for new exciting food concepts.
If you are a gastronomic food lover with an innovative idea for a stall, please send us an application using the
link below. In the application, please describe your idea and tell us why you are passionate about your concept.
If we do not have an available stall, we will hold on to your application and perhaps use it at a later time.



Give your foodie friend a delicious gift!

Gastro Gold is Aarhus Central Food Market’s very own currency and gift voucher solution.

Gastro Gold is the perfect gift idea for the man with everything, your mum or maybe a friend who just loves good food.
The coins can be exchange for everything from delicious drinks and freshly-pressed juices to tasty tapas and homemade sushi.

You can buy Gastro Gold here:
You can buy a gift cards online, which has to be exchanged into Gastro Gold in Foodie Bar.

How to use your Gastro Gold:
You can use Gastro Gold at any of the stalls in Aarhus Central Food Market. If you do not use the whole amount you can get change in cash.
You can also top up an amount in cash if you do not have enough Gastro Gold to pay for your purchase.

Gastro Gold for parties and companies:
If you need Gastro Gold for large parties or events, you will need to order it in plenty of time. Expect about 1 week’s processing time for large amounts.

The coins are packaged and can be collected by appointment at the Foodie Bar in Aarhus Central Food Market.

Køb gavekort her


The History of Aarhus Central Food Market

Aarhus Central Food Market is breathing new life into the old, historic Aarhus Hall

“I remember clearly how, in my youth, Aarhus Hall buzzed with life and had the finest dance restaurant in the city.
The Hall was forgotten about for many years, but it was actually designed by C.F. Møller. Previously, it was the setting for the likes of Holiday
on Ice, a rock concert with The Who, six-day bicycle races, and jazz names such as Josephine Baker and Fats Waller.

When it opened in 1938, the dance restaurant guests ate 300 lobsters and 50 lambs – so now’s
the time once again for the Hall to be all about gastronomy and food-loving guests.

Creator of Aarhus Central Food Market

Holiday on Ice

The Who

Aarhus Hall was designed by C.F. Møller

6-day bicycle race

Aarhus's ‘In’ place to go

Dance restaurant in 1970

Historic milestones for Aarhus Hall

1st of October 2016:
Aarhus Central Food Market opens as the finest gastronomic food mecca in the city

Aarhus Hall changes owners and the restaurant re-opens under the name of Tropicana

Aarhus Hall goes bankrupt, but is then used for events
such as a concert with the English rock band, The Who

After the war:
The Hall is run by Aarhus Hallen, which uses the venue for cultural events,
political meetings, and sporting events

1st of October 1944:
The Hall is sabotaged and five people tragically die

1st of April 1938:
The building is constructed at the initiative of the citizens of Aarhus. The restaurant in the Hall is called
Restaurant Tarantella and is a cultural hot spot with dancing and music



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Opening hours

Monday: 11.30 AM – 8.00 PM
Tuesday: 11.30 AM – 8.00 PM
Wednesday: 11.30 AM – 8.00 PM
Thursday: 11.30 AM – 8.00 PM
Friday: 11.30 AM – 9.00 PM
Saturday: 11.30 AM – 9.00 PM
Sunday: Closed
Where are we?

Aarhus Central Food Market
Skt. Knuds Torv 7-9
8000 Aarhus C



Would you like to know more about Aarhus Central Food Market and the individual food stalls?

Download highress press photos
Contact PR coordinator, Signe Høyer



15 min. free parking: Park your car free of charge for 15 min. in the parking lot behind Aarhus Central Food Market. You access the parking lot via Ny Banegårdsgade or Rosenkranzgade. Feel free to use the back entrance til Aarhus Central Food Market and pick up your take-away in no time.

You also have the option of parking in the underground parking lot below Bruuns Galleri.